1. Being able to comprehend the basic concepts and theoretical knowledge in the field of business administration and grasp their details.

2. Analyzing and evaluating hypothetical knowledge as well as offering solutions in the field of business administration.

3. Being able to share theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business administration and translate them into teamwork activities.

4. Being able to present opinions as to current issues in business administration, to enhance them as well as to use them in interpreting events, struggle for constant progress.

5. To define the regional and global subjects/problems and to be able to develop solution proposals based on research and evidence.

6. To have knowledge of computer software and hardware at the required level for business administration, to be able to use information and communication technologies

7. Comprehension of ethical principles and approaches, being respectful to human rights, gaining awareness of social responsibility and ecological consciousness; being able to apply these in the business field.

8. Being able to communicate effectively with others (both written and orally), be effective in time management and make presentations in efficient manner.

9. Internalizing the fundamental concepts of law; being capable of interpreting the relationship of businesses with their legal environment.

10. Acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge; being capable of taking risks; being creative and innovative.

11. Being able to use English and one more foreign language favorably at advanced level. 

  • ECTS
  • yok
  • erasmus
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