1.    Increasing Education Quality and Physical Capacity of University

   1.1.  Increasing accreditation and quality assurance studies

   1.2.  Ensuring  full compliance with the Bologna process in education

   1.3.  Increasing  number of  national and foreign students and academic staff participating exchange programs

   1.4.  Opening new academic units in accordance with social and technological developments

   1.5.  Supporting the personal and social development of students

1.6.  Training up entrepreneurial and innovative students

1.7.  Increasing the contribution   quality of education by internal and external stakeholders

2. Increasing  the Number of  Qualitative Scientific Research

2.1.  Increasing the  number of publications  for each  academic  staff at least 10% per year

2.2.  Increasing efficiency of  scientific research commissions

2.3.  Encouraging the academic staff  to apply to national and international  support programs

2.4.  Increasing the number of researchers Participating in scientific study and meetings every year

       3.    Increasing cooperation with external stakeholders

   3.1.  Organizing joint  projects, scientific meetings and social events with external stakeholders

   3.2.  Increasing university-industry cooperation

       4.    Developing institutional quality and culture

   4.1.  Identifying  and increasing the performance levels of academic and administrative staff

   4.2.  Completing Institutionalization on all units

   4.3.  Enhancing institutional image

   4.4.  Increasing the service quality in university hospital

       5.    Developing physical and technological infrastructure

   5.1.  Developing physical infrastructure

   5.2.  Enhancing laboratory equipment

   5.3.  Establishing and developing   the techno park

   5.4.  Strengthening the computing infrastructure

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